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Air Tickets

Travelling, getting to know and enjoying multiple destinations is a service we have for you. You can obtain the best prices in the market for airline tickets by phone or visit our offices, check different destinations, national and international, as well as multiple dates that you plan to travel.



Being connected is important! To bring you closer to the technological age, we have for you the Xfinity Internet and TV service, when prepaid you pay only for what you consume. Forget about annual contracts, hidden charges and credit review. Only with your address is it possible to activate the best internet and cable TV service for your home.



Notarizing documents should not become a headache, performs these procedures in the hands of experts, we have notary service in our offices for a very low cost in the State of Georgia. We don't just validate a document; we can help you with the drafting of it so that you don't have any difficulties at the time of carrying out any procedure.



We have the best cable television service providers with multiple plans and competitive prices in the market. Know the Spanish channels we have for you. Consult our various packages without obligation.



At Fuerza Latina, we are your allies when it comes to translating various documents. We have trained personnel, in a short time and at the best prices you will have your translations ready when you need them.


Individual Tax Preparation

It is important that at the time of making your tax return, there are cases in which you will have to pay federal or state taxes, do not worry we can help you with it and the payment plan, so that you fulfill your tax obligation. Now, if you qualify for certain credits we can help you get your maximum refund. We can only achieve this if you come to our offices with the necessary information, we can make an estimate, which will allow you to know the results of your statement or how much money will be your refund, come to our offices.



The Tax Id, known as the taxpayer's personal identification number, is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and consists of nine digits. This number is issued for tax purposes in the United States, primarily for persons who do not have an assigned social security number. We can help you arrange your Tax id. And if you already have it we can renew it! For taxpayers who have not filed a tax return in the last three years or whose middle digits in the central part are 70,71,72 or 80 their Tax Id's must be renewed. It is a process that will allow you to keep up to date with your taxes. Leave it in expert hands.

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