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Fuerza Latina

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Fuerza Latina Inc. was founded in January 2001, by a group of Hispanic entrepreneurs formed by Carlos Cardona, Pablo Cardona and Paola López, interested in helping the Hispanic community in the Atlanta metropolitan area with their auto insurance needs, tax preparation and all types of services or documentation required by the Latino community.

Over the years Fuerza Latina has expanded into new locations, becoming one of the leading Hispanic agencies in the GA metropolitan area and South Carolina.

Fuerza Latina is part of the philosophy of being a family organization, with high values and standards where support, teamwork, solidarity, comradeship and unity should prevail, where its employees are considered as part of it and each client as a friend of our family.


FUERZA LATINA's mission is to become the first choice in comprehensive services initially in the area of personal auto insurance, commercial auto, home and rental insurance, commercial insurance as well as in the various tax services, accounting, notarizations, airline tickets, among others, becoming the market leader based on customer service in a professional manner covering the needs of each of its customers.


FUERZA LATINA's vision is to offer quality services directed to the community in the State of Georgia and South Carolina, in which its objective is to link and strengthen ties with clients that allow us to offer not only a service but also a friendly hand that offers an integral advising covering the needs of the clients in the different types of advising and services that the organization offers.

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Testimonials from our Allies

This is what the people who work with us say 

It has been 15 years that I have had the beautiful experience of being part of this wonderful company, which has been managed by highly qualified and socially committed professionals, maintaining the guidelines of its owners, and also with the privilege of helping the entire Latino community, with whom we have created links not only commercial but fraternal.

Fuerza Latina as a labor institution has been the great experience of my life, with capable staff, with a system of work that makes us feel as a family where our owner managers motivate us to continue growing labor and never give up our goals.
Fuerza Latina is and will continue to be a blessing in my life and that of my family.

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 3750 venture drive suite D15 duluth GA 30096


+1 (770)-882-1467 
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