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Business Services

Here you will find services for small, medium and large entrepreneurs



Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is based on a state laws system that requires employers to provide medical care, disability benefits and lost wages to injured or disabled employees in the course of their employment. These markets provide workers' compensation coverage on a standard hard-to-risk, mono line basis.


General Liability

General Liability is an insurance policy that provides legal liability coverage for businesses, is focuses on the coverage of bodily injury and property damage to third parties due to negligence or omission of the insured during the performance of their duties.



We have great allies, in order to organize the accounting of your business, and maximize the efficiency of the financial accounting aspect of our clients. Designing and implementing strategies that allow you to have better control of your finances.


Creation of Corporations

It is possible for Fuerza Latina Insurance to create your corporation within 48 hours, even in less time. At affordable prices please choose us for the best services.


Business Owner Policy

Business owner policy is an insurance protection focused on covering the main risks of small and medium enterprises. They are characterized by being an option adapted to the needs of your business at a better cost.


Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is not insurance in the traditional sense. Unlike insurance, surety bond does not expect to pay losses. Instead, they ensure compliance with specific obligations. In the event that the insured does not comply as promised, the company will pay the amount of the bond to the person to whom the promise was made and broken.



We protect your company, we can advise you so that you have all the documents and collections of your company up to date. The Tax Audit is a procedure, based on the legal and administrative regulations in force, aimed at overseeing the correct fulfilment of taxpayers' tax obligations.


Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporations, as separate legal entities from the owners, must file their tax returns annually, at Fuerza Latina we can provide you with the necessary support for the proper fulfillment of your tax obligations, because corporations can be subject to federal or state taxes. Don't leave your statement until the last minute, having your corporation up to date is the most important thing.


Do-it-yourself payroll service ADP

At Fuerza Latina we have an extraordinary product for you! As a small business customer, you can take advantage of payroll services with the support of Fuerza Latina (#ADP). Start processing and managing your company's payroll quickly and easily online. If you don't have internet, we will help you!

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